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Why are aquarium lamps of KEY Industrial your good choice?

Why are aquarium lamps of KEY Industrial your good choice?
With almost 9 years of LED aquarium lamps R&D experience and practice of three production generations, we have not only learnt what fish collectors like, but also concluded many key factors of aquarium lamps, which are described as follows:
1.High-power LED chips: All the products adopt American CREE or Bridgelux chips as the master light to ensure the quality;

2.Power source: High-power LED takes constant-current power supply(not the voltage-stabilized source) to ensure the luminance and lifetime;

3.Aluminum shell: Entire aluminum shell design with nowise niggardly material using; the abrasive blasting anodic oxidation provides good heat dissipation effect to maximally prolong the service life of LED lights beads and keep the tiniest light decline. Enough aluminum thickness and heat dissipation teeth can meet the requirement of LED heat dissipation even if there is no fan;

4.Power control box: Weight of master light is reduced by separating with power control box; low-voltage power supply will not harm the living beings when it meets with water;

5. Brightness Percentage Setting for 24 Whole Hours
There are 3 channels(K6) for king light: the first two is for “brightness percentage setting for 24 whole hours; some certain brightness can be set for whole hour time (accurate to per hour), and stepless brightness variation is automatically controlled by program.
Repeated brightness variation is achieved with this program within 24 hours, brightening or dimming gradually.
Color temperature for each period of a day can be simulated by brightness mating at 3 channels(K6), cool blue in the early morning, light yellow later, then highly bright at noon, golden yellow in the evening and dull blue at night. Certain brightness can be maintained during each period; it is also suitable to keep LPS that needs little illumination in the beginning.

6.Lamps installation diversification: There are not only the suspension types. Different lamp types apply in varisized aquariums, including horizontal, vertical and suspending frames. Various lamps combination can be used in some special or overlong aquariums;

7.Certainly appropriate one in various types: Various types of lamps with different length and width, as well as diverse power, brightness and control; optical lens also can be selected to absolutely meet your requirements.




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