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Uniqueness and Maintenance Introduction

Uniqueness and Maintenance Introduction
KEY - LED K6 series – Higher color developing, more complete spectrum, more uniform irradiation ~ ~ ~

Product features:
1. Cooling Effect and LED Life:

As is known to all, high power LED lamps and *******s has a long service life, many manufacturers in the advertising claims that LED life can reach tens of thousands of hours, but they really did not fully consider the heat influence onto LED light failure when designing products. Many products use small radiators for fan cooling, which is not an ideal solution: on one hand the fan will cause noise and it would be trouble to replace it, on the other hand fan is consumable, once it halts, LED life will be greatly decreased, so will brightness of a lot of products after 1~2 years, unable to meet the light needs of aquatic biological animals.

KEY-LED-K6 series aquarium lamps and *******s take advanced aluminum radiator, through years of testing and product improvement, the cooling area has been optimized, for example, special cooling tooth design achieve good effect without fan cooling. LED distribution is uniform, thus heat is not easy to gather together, so that LED keeps the highest brightness with small light failure to maintain a real long service life.

2. LED Spectrum & Light Distribution:
Other LED products are more suitable for home lighting. They are more designed to be condensation light in high-integrating form, that is, a lot of LED gathers together and emit the light via a wide angle lens. There will be uneven light distribution in the aquarium, causing local highlight, which is bad for living beings.

KEY-LED-K6 series aquarium lamps and *******s take distributed design. Width of lamps and *******s is 340 mm; LED relatively illuminates the aquarium uniformly, improving visual effect. Mating with customized spectrum chip (Cool White, Royal Blue, Fiji Purpl-e, True Actin-IC), it provide marine corals, freshwater aquatic plants and all kinds of biological lives with sufficient light energy for their growth.

3. Power Supply & Control Mode:

Other LED lamps and *******s in non-constant current power supply mode have a decreased service life; while common switch mode to control the lamps and *******s also can not satisfy the requirements of aquarium hobbyists.

KEY-LED-K6 series aquarium lamps and *******s launch automatic dimming types (-ULD & -Smart) for advanced users’ option. We spare no expense for the UL certificate of constant current dimming power for 24 hours brightness setting. The blue and white LED groups can be regulated respectively at different time point to simulate the color temperature of the whole day, bringing aquarium fans different visual effect. Brightness change is really stepless, natural and soft, not scaring the fish.

Repair & Maintenance:
1. Importance of Modular Design:

Other LED lamps and *******s adopt integrated LED design, if one LED is damaged (1 single out), ordinary users can't replace it. Although cost is reduced, later maintenance will be very difficult. In addition, if there is the single high-wattage power failure, the whole lamp will not be bright, which really drives aquarium fans very distressed.

KEY-LED-K6 series aquarium lamps and *******s have the protection chip for every single LED, so even 1 is out, it won't affect the other LED in this group. 2 LED share one module, this design approach makes replacement very simple (using a screwdriver), just change the damaged LED module. There are several independent powers to control lamps and *******s in the external power control box, so users just need to replace it if any one is damaged (also using a screwdriver), even if one group is out, the other groups still can work normally. Players have the time to get parts for maintenance and won't make aquarium out of lighting for many days, greatly waiving their maintenance difficulties.

2. Use & Maintenance:

KEY-LED-K6 series aquarium lamps and *******s all adopt modular design, so each part can be replaced.
There is a temperature control fan in external power control box. Erasing external dust every few weeks can prolong the service life. Waterproof gear surface should be wiped with a pinch of salt every few weeks to reduce the light loss. There is no need to change the LED for several years, if you want to change different colors, we will also provide LED modules for your replacement.

We provide warranty service at least one year, long-term spare parts supply for maintenance and replacement.




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