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Brightness Percentage Setting for 24 Whole Hours

Brightness Percentage Setting for 24 Whole Hours
Brightness Percentage Setting for 24 Whole Hours  (Model: “-ULD & -Smart”)

Microcomputer PWM light-dimmer is the latest developed product of our company, which is to control the diming of KEY aquarium lamps full-automatically or manually; with the help of auxiliary lights, 24-hour sunshine and moonlight, sunrise and sunset simulation can be achieved, bringing you the dream-like visual effect of deep blue night.
Brightness Percentage Setting for 24 Whole Hours (Model: “-ULD & -Smart”)
There are 3 channels for king light: the 1~3 is for “brightness percentage setting for 24 whole hours, and the last one is for auxiliary light timing or sunrise/sunset simulation (for the types without auxiliary light); some certain brightness can be set for whole hour time (accurate to per hour), and stepless brightness variation is automatically controlled by program.
Repeated brightness variation is achieved with this program within 24 hours, brightening or dimming gradually.
Color temperature for each period of a day can be simulated by brightness mating at 3 channels, cool blue in the early morning, light yellow later, then highly bright at noon, golden yellow in the evening and dull blue at night. Certain brightness can be maintained during each period; it is also suitable to keep LPS that needs little illumination in the beginning.
Manual mode: Every channel of lamp can be turned on or off at any time; the brightness can also be regulated manually or kept at some certain degree.
Color temperature simulation: Turn on the blue lighting group in the morning, now the color temperature is the highest, full of deep blue; when turn on the white lighting group, it will be brighter gradually, like sunrise, then it becomes the most bright till noon. In the afternoon, it gets darker gradually, and then the blue moon light is shining in the aquarium at night.




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