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After-sale service (K6 model)

Shanghai KEY translation industry Co., Ltd., product warranty regulations:

1. The warranty period - 12 months from the date of purchase;
2, the warranty period, the normal use of customers, non-human factors resulting in equipment failure, our company is responsible for free maintenance and replacement of accessories;
3. During the warranty period, if the equipment failure is determined by human factors, the company will charge the cost for maintenance and replacement.
4, the warranty period, if the customer needs maintenance or replacement parts, will receive the corresponding cost;
5, send repair Freight:
1) in the three months after the purchase, the failure of the company, the company undertake back and forth freight;
2) after three months after the purchase, the failure of the company, and not beyond the warranty period, the company takes a one-way freight;
3) if the warranty is beyond the warranty period, the customer is required to take back and forth freight.

4) if the equipment failure is judged to be human factor, the customer will need to take the round-trip and double freight. The following circumstances are not in the scope of free warranty:

1: product's bad environment and water failure.
2: the product is artificially broken, not operated according to the instructions, causing a failure;
3: the fault caused by self modification or disassembly;
4: goods purchased by non company or non company's special distributor;
5: products beyond the warranty period;
6: use the wrong or unused power supply, cause the product line board to burn down;
7: the voltage is not used normally at home and abroad;
8: because many user products do not cherish the cause of failure to transfer after the transfer, so in principle, second-hand products have no warranty;

The warranty period of the warranty period (all of the following):
1, or provide a Taobao purchase record screenshot; (send mail, or add QQ and leave a message)
2, or provide an entity store to buy a receipt; (send mail, or add QQ and leave a message)
3, or reference to the date number label of the date on the luminaire (extended for 6 months);

Recommend the use of QQ communication, add QQ number: 372183103, you will need to address the problem of message, you can also send photos or videos that we log on every day, and to answer your questions;

The problem of how to use the product is not within the scope of our service, please consult the dealer before the sale.

If you need to return the product for maintenance or maintenance, please send it with a well-known express delivery company.
Shanghai, Baoshan District, No. 1068, Chun he road, building 3, the 5 floor (the elevator on the right), Koh translation industry Co., Ltd., 021-56326368,

Be sure to send all the accessories, and please use A4 paper stated:

1: the problem, the symptoms of failure;
2: your request and purpose;
3: return address name and phone;
4: the date of purchase;
5: the purchase of business (or dealer, or Taobao);
6: your QQ number for contact;

Remember to write a piece of paper, otherwise, because we don't know who it is, we will put aside and do not deal with it, it will delay your precious time.

We will send you back to you within 1~5 working days from the date of receipt of the product. If you have any problems, we will contact you by phone in time.




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