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About us

Shanghai KEY Industrial Co., Ltd.(Since 2009) is an innovative enterprise devoting to the research and development of LED lighting products for aquariums. Now it has got pretty mature design and production experience on LED aquarium lighting of high power. The products have been widely used in all kinds of aquarium, quality, effect and usability of which are well commented by customers. 

Products of previous types are mainly for engineering, business, company, decoration research and development. Today as the supplier of LED lighting products for aquarium, KEY Industrial is meeting the requirements of new and regular customers with improved technical solutions, perfect pre-sale and after-sale service system, and trying the best to launch a new generation of products. Research and development on a new generation of lamps not only apply in engineering, but more in home use, so that people can experience the special charm of high-powered LED aquarium lamps. 

KEY photoelectric LED aquarium dedicated lamps, design concept, cooling system and exterior styling are innovated by the company, so relevant intellectual property right belongs to KEY Industrial. They all have got the applied national patents, thus any counterfeit will be seriously investigated. 

About us: normal company with business entity; humanistic design with individual customizing; being professional due to or concentration; 
Business philosophy: continuously pursuing quality improvement; sincere service based on attentive communication; trying to be perfect on idea innovation.


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